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We have regular requests from teachers for
Asia Literacy relevant teaching resources, information and research materials.

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National Statement

National Statement for Engaging Young Australians with Asia in Australian Schools

A Guide to Impementing the National Statement: Teacher & School Resource


Monolingual English speakers face a bleak economic future, and the barriers preventing them from learning other languages are rising rapidly. (British Council,2006). Learn More Here

In-country Asia Literacy Teacher Learning Programs.
The aim of this paper is to discuss the structural, content, and value for money factors, that principals and teachers should consider when making their decision to select, attend and invest in an in-country study program. Learn More Here

The National Forum: Mapping Our Future in the Asian Century.
An address by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, May 2010. Learn More Here


Books on Asia: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Words from Japan

Words from China

Games & Competitions

China Game: A free online game from the Asia Society

Asia-Wise Competition

Teacher Networks :  Join for FREE and access the Asia Literacy Chat Group for teachers. Share resources, connect, generate new ideas.

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