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Asia Literacy Week

28 Nov to 2 Dec 2011 is the time for all schools across Australia to become Asia-engaged schools. Help us to build skills, understandings and knowledge of Asia across all learning areas.

What is Asia Literacy Week?
This is an excellent opportunity for all Australian schools to focus learning activities on Asia.

When is Asia Literacy Week?
Schools are encouraged to select a week in December to dedicate learning activities to Asia Literacy. The actual dates are flexible to meet your local schedules.

How do schools get involved?
Schools can develop their own Asia Literacy Week activities in a number of ways. It’s really up to the creativity and enthusiasm of your school. Asia Literacy Week could be applied on a whole school basis where everyone is immersed in an Asia learning focus for the week, or on a year level or subject area focus.

Your school can become involved today by providing ideas for Asia Literacy Week activities. 

Contribute to the Asia Literacy Week
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Current Ideas
Art Japanese/Chinese face or mask painting.

Projects around traditional Asian art styles and designs.
Business Studies Student presentations on business and economic links between Australia and Asia.

Explore the origins of paper currencies.
Careers Invite a local business leader to talk to students about the role of Asia in Australia's business future.
English Explore examples of Asian literature. This could be an activity using the internet to search out examples.
Environment Show some documentaries on environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Short trips such as China town, Asian films, exhibitions in the local area, collecting relics/stories about local Asian contact.

Extended camping trips to trace old mine workings and do some gold panning where early Asian settlers played a role.

Extended trips to major cities: national exhibitions, China towns, national war museum.

Food Asian lunch day for students.

Teach students to use chopsticks.

Explore and practice Asian cooking styles.

Visit an Asian restaurant.
Languages Run school based games or competitions around reading, writing and speaking Asian languages.
Mathematics Compare counting or numbering systems. 

Explore the origins and applications of the Fibonacci sequence.
Performing Arts Asian dance or theatre.
A short play with an Asian focus.

Asian style music or songs.
Physical Education Sumo Wrestling

Four-way Japanese Tug-o-war
Science Explore Asian inventions such as paper, gunpowder, the compass.
Social Sciences Excursions to museums showing historical links between Asia and Australia.

Asia Wise Competition.

The China Game.

School based games around place geography or cultural knowledge.
Sister Schools Engage with your Asian sister schools via ICT

Involve students in planning a new sister school relationship.


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