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Media Release

Asia-Wise Competition celebrates 17 years of learning

The front-runner of the Giant Classroom online educational resources – the Asia-Wise Competition – marks its 17th anniversary this year.

The Asia-Wise Competition, which attracts over 20,000 secondary school students annually from throughout Australia and New Zealand, tests general knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region, focusing primarily on history and geography. However, like all Giant Classroom educational programs, the Asia-Wise Competition encourages the development of a student’s research, analytical and interpretive skills in finding answers and solving problems rather than functioning as a pure memory test.

Former teacher and Giant Classroom founder David Reid says that, “The reason we created the Asia-Wise Competition in 1992 was to facilitate a greater understanding between our country and the different cultures and societies that exist in Asia. We felt that this connection, once established early, could be fundamental in the growth of tolerance and mutual progress.”

Thrilled to see his program run successfully for nearly two decades, Mr Reid acknowledges that making life easier for teachers is also one of Giant Classroom’s primary aims. It only takes about an hour of class time to introduce. Teachers choose when they will do the competition during the set two-week period during the year, and are not required to spend any time preparing or marking as the entire process of receiving questions, submitting (and partly sourcing) answers and receiving results is performed online. Teachers also receive feedback on how their students performed against national averages in key areas.

Sample questions in the Asia-Wise Competition might include studies of a particular person, Latitude and Longitude-related problems as well as cultural based investigations.

“A great competition!” says Colleen Carr, the SOSE coordinator at Mt Aspiring College in Queensland. “The students enjoyed doing it.”

The Asia-Wise Competition is supported by the Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand, which was established in 1994 to develop New Zealand’s links with Asia and its people.

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