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The Asia Literacy Teachers Association of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and ATO endorsed Charitable Institution dedicated to the advancement of education in Australia. Our educational goals are achieved via the promotion of Asia Literacy and the evolution of Asia-engaged schools, by building an awareness of Asia Literacy through grassroots networks in schools and local communities.

What is Asia Literacy?
Asia Literacy is the capacity to reflect upon and explore cultural differences in the Asian region.  It is the ability to understand Asian cultures and gain knowledge about Asian people and their histories.

Why is Asia Literacy Important in Australia?
Australia's geographical location is not going to change. As the 21st Century proceeds the countries of Asia are becoming increasingly important to Australia for trade, business, employment, sources of immigration and social integration.  It is therefore important that we prepare the young Australians of today for an Australian society that will grow closer to Asia over the next century.

What role does the Asia Literacy Teachers' Association of Australia play?
The objectives of the association are focused on the practical implementation of government policy in relation to Asia Literacy and the engagement of young Australians with Asia.  This involves programs and activities that support the national curriculum. We aim to achieve our objectives by building a network of education and community leaders supporting schools to access the essential resources to become Asia-engaged schools. 

What is an Asia-engaged school?
An Asia-engaged school is a school that has an Asia focus in its curriculum as evident by:
1.  Opportunities for students to learn an Asian language.
2.  A focus on Asia across learning areas.
3.  Student connections with the Asian region.
4.  Teaching of skills, understandings and knowledge of Asia.
5.  Sequenced learning about Asia.

What do we do to make this happen?
We are a grass-roots, action focused association.  We aim to contribute to the growth of Asia Literacy by providing a range of programs to support teachers and students  in evolving Australian schools to become Asia-engaged schools.
You do not need to be a member to join our programs

The association is funded by the generosity of our members and consortium partners.  All of our management committee and Asia Literacy advisors donate their time as volunteers.

Although our association leadership comprises primarily of teachers, all members of the community with an interest in supporting teachers of Asia Literacy are welcome to participate.

How to Make it Happen for Asia Literacy
1. Participate in one of our programs.
2. Become a member.
3. Become a consortium partner.
4. Link our webpage from yours.

5. Advertise your business on our webpage.
6. Provide educational sponsorship.
7. Volunteer as a student supervisor (teachers only), Asia Literacy school 
    liaison contact, or local Asia Literacy event organiser.

Our Purpose
The sole purpose of the association is to advance education in Australia via the promotion of Asia Literacy in Australian education curriculum and the evolution of Asia-engaged schools.

Our Objectives
1.   To promote Asia Literacy amongst teachers and students in Australian 
2.   To promote the evolution of Asia-engaged schools,
3.   To promote the inclusion of Asia Literacy in National, State, Territory 

  and school curriculum,
4.   To support school leadership and communities in developing Asia-
      engaged schools,
5.   To promote opportunities for professional learning about Asia for all
      teachers and pre-service teachers,
6.   To promote skills, understandings and knowledge of Asia in Australian
7.   To promote the teaching of Asian languages in Australian schools,
8.   To build student and teacher connections with the Asian region,
9.   To promote a focus on Asia across learning areas,
10. To promote sequenced learning about Asia,
11. To involve the Australian community including business, government and
      non-government organisations in the promotion of Asia Literacy in
      Australian schools, and
12. To promote engagement between Australians and the people of the
      Asian Region as a means of promoting Asian Literacy in Australian

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